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Detailed Class Information
Class Name: The Emotionally Intelligent Leader
Provided By: Human Resources Professional Development
Description: This course is an advanced leadership training in the soft skills of emotional intelligence. It will be of greatest advantage to those who manage others. Leaders have a disproportionate impact on the emotional and energetic states of people in an organization. Given the reality that leadership entails inspiring and influencing others, learning these skills is essential for leadership effectiveness, particularly on such a relational campus as ours.
Objectives: This session will cover the four aspects of emotional intelligence and look at the impact of emotions on a leader's effectiveness. Topics to be covered include: managing emotions, the impact of emotions on decision making, resilience, recovering after "amygdala hijack", types of charisma and styles of leadership. The session will conclude with each participant creating a self-development plan, which is the most important outcome of this workshop.
Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites to attend this workshop. However, this is meant to be a more advanced leadership development session. It will be most advantageous for those who have already taken "Emotional Intelligence" and either "Leadership at All Levels" or "Employee Engagement"
Fee: $0.00
Non-WWU Fee: $0.00
Maximum Class Size: 20
# of Seats Available: 13
Delivery Method:
Instructor(s): Corina McEntire, Ron Marks
Class Sessions: Date Start Time End Time Location
01/25/18 9:00AM 11:00AM HU 210