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Detailed Class Information
Class Name: Concept 2: Experiences of others [in STEM]
Provided By: Campus Equity and Inclusion Forum
Description: “Understanding the experiences of others to promote collegiality” ISMs Workshop 2. In order to help confront difficult situations that may arise during teaching and/or mentoring, we will use select case studies (solicited from the STEM community at WWU and other sources) to identify effective problem solving strategies and word-choices in response to hostile situations and micro-aggressive cultures. Using case studies to unpack: •the climate of a classroom or meeting •how nuance and unseen/unappreciated backgrounds influence people •roles of authority in a situation (positive and/or negative) •how transparency changes conversation •roles of bias in interpretation and action •different outcomes based on language-usage •needs and expectations of different actors •our own expected versus desired reactions.
Objectives: Overall workshop goal: Use concepts and vocabulary from Workshop 1 to discuss and engage with difficult, STEM-specific situations in a respectful, empathetic, and productive manner. Deliverable: Packet of case study set-ups (some we will work through, some we might not), examples of responses (real, perceived, expected, ideal –these may not be mutually exclusive).
Fee: $0.00
Non-WWU Fee: $0.00
Maximum Class Size: 30
# of Seats Available: 3
Delivery Method:
Instructor(s): Lina Dahlberg
Class Sessions: Date Start Time End Time Location
12/12/17 10:00AM 12:00PM VU 462 A-B